Serenity Central Hypnotherapy


EMI Plus (Eye Movement Integration Plus) is a content free process for resolving psychological traumas and negative emotions.

Using EMI Plus helps to de-couple emotional pain from negative emotion or memory. The memory remains, but it no longer has the trauma of being attached to the emotional pain.


Hypnosis is a method to achieve a relaxed state of mind (called a trance), where you remain fully in control; you can talk, listen and even move if required.

It is similar in sensation to the feeling just before going to sleep, where you can still hear everything around you, but don’t react unless you have to, or want to.

You can not and will not be hypnotised against your will.

If you are hypnotised, you are still in control and can not be forced to do anything that you do not wish to do and you remain in control as to whether to accept or reject a suggestion made to you whilst in trance.

When hypnotised you then go into a trance and whilst in this state of relaxation you and the therapist work together to achieve your goals and bring about a positive change in your life

Parts therapy

Sometimes you want to change, but there is something that keeps stopping you.  

Using Parts Therapy, we can discover that 'part or parts' that's preventing you from moving on, so that it too can change & help you to move on in a positive way.

Inner Child Therapy

Your Inner Child reflects a part of your childhood where maybe you had questions, but no answers, where you needed emotional support, or you just wanted someone to take notice, hold, love, play or spend time with you.

When you are able to heal the Inner Child, then the Adult is also healed in a therapeutic and helpful way.


Brainworing Recursive Therapy (BWRT®) is a brand new Psychotherapeutic technique.  It does not use hypnosis or hypnotherapy. It is completely logical, practical and down to earth. It is a completely new form of therapy that is showing remarkable results for those who have undertaken it.

Invented by Terence Watts who was inspired by the research of the Virtual Nobel prize winner, Benjamin Libet, who In 1983, proved that the brain makes decisions before we become conscious of making a choice. Hence why some find it so difficult to change problematic behaviours and habits that they know are unhelpful or unhealthy.

BWRT makes it possible to make changes quickly and effectively.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy 

Ericksonian hypnotherapy is based on the teaching of Milton Erickson (1901 – 1980), who is widely considered the father of modern hypnotherapy.

Erickson believed that the unconscious mind was always listening, that by using indirect suggestions; via stories, fables, metaphors, etc as well as direct suggestions, a therapeutic trance can be achieved that will help the client. Treating the client as an individual, rather that treating just their issue.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

The theory is that each person has an internal computer – the mind. Information is absorbed via the mind through all our senses from our environment, our emotions, behaviours, experiences which allow us to relate to the world in our own unique way.

NLP allows us to view these steps and examine negative and positive influences, behaviours and choices that have been made and how these can be changed (if necessary) to help us transform our processing mechanisms that feeds this information to our internal computer to achieve a positive outcome.


Our thoughts, behaviour and feelings are all connected, so if we are thinking negatively, then we tend to feel negative and behave negatively. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) helps to change negative thought patterns to more positive ones. CBT helps us to look at our thoughts and understand what (if any) negative patterns have been created, then what we can do to achieve a positive change.

Alison Bruce 

I am a fully trained and qualified Hypnotherapist.

I work using Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), BWRT, EMI-Plus, Parts, Inner Child Therapy and CBT.

By using these skills and more, I am able to help clients resolve phobias, cope with anxiety, stress and / or depression, stop smoking, deal with weight issues, coping with tinnitus, relief from IBS, etc.

I believe in the individuality of each client and with the ability of hypnotherapy I can help you to create positive and lasting change to your life.

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