Appointments are available as follows:

Monday - Friday 10.00am - 8.00pm

Saturday - 10.00am - 7.00pm

Contact Serenity Central Hypnotherapy to make an appointment at a time to suit you:

07725 032 281

Smoking Cessation Sessions

A Smoking Cessation is the only exception to a standard session.

It consists of one session lasting around 2+ hours which includes consultation and hypnosis.

One smoking cessation session is usually sufficient, however, if you feel the need for a further smoking cessation session, then a second session can be arranged free of charge within 3 months of the initial appointment.

Standard Sessions

Every client is offered a free no obligation short phone consultation before deciding to go forward with hypnotherapy. 

If at the end of this free phone consultation the client does not wish to go forward with hypnotherapy, then they may do so without cost.

Only when the client is happy to go forward with hypnotherapy, will an appointment for a hypnotherapy session take place.  

The initial session includes a more in depth consultation where their specific issues are discussed and can take around 1 – 2 ½ hours, with each session thereafter taking around 50 – 60 minutes, involving both listening, talking and therapy as deemed appropriate by the therapist.

Gastric Band Sessions

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy consists of a minimum of 3 standard sessions (but may require more dependent on each individual's requirements).

The first two sessions focus on healthy eating / nutrition and refocusing habits.  The third session is when the GB is hypnotically fitted.  

Further sessions can follow / may be required, dependent on client's issues and wishes.

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Serenity Central Hypnotherapy

Fees & Gift Vouchers

Current fee for a Standard Session of Hypnotherapy is £70.

Current fee for Smoking Cessation is £140.

​Gastric Band (minimum 3 sessions) = £210 (760 payable after each session)

10% ​Discount for 4 sessions (all 4 sessions must be paid in advance to qualify, no other discounts applicable with this offer)

​20% Discount available for NHS or Armed (and ex Armed) Forces Personnel (with applicable identification)

Payment can be made with Cash or Bank Transfer.  Note: I do not accept cards for payment.

Gift Vouchers are available & can be posted on receipt of Payment.


A 10% discount can be obtained for four (standard cost £70) sessions booked & paid for in advance (all payments including bank transfers, etc must be cleared before 1st session) to be applicable. No other discounts are applicable with this offer.

Total Payable with discount £252.  Please contact me for further details.


20% Discount (for each individual session) available for NHS or Armed (and ex Armed) Forces Personnel (with applicable identification).